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Solutions For You

Point-of-sales and Front Office Payment Solution

Our EP366 Payment System is a cloud-based solution with the latest technology brings innovation in day-yo-day cash processing at your outlets. It makes daily cash management available across multiple outlets.

With success stories in these businesses: Restaurants, Clinics, and retail stores.

Automated Cash Management System

Our EP366 Automated Cash Management Solution enables business owners and cash-in-transit companies together creating an eco-system for retails' cash management.  The strategic alliance bring win-win proposition to all parties, it offers Bulk Cash Deposit, Float management, Payments and Petty Cash automation.

With success stories in these businesses: Hotels, Retails and wholesaler.

Document Tracking System

Our Document Tracking Solution leverages RFID and QR technology to integrate the merits of mobility tracking and filing service, providing accuracy and efficiency on tracking of security documents, connecting the Banks and Solicitors.

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