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Virtual Teller System

Today, with the new era of technology, customers are demanding more from the banks to improve their services and efficiency, and the banks are trying hard to appease customers by extending services to include Internet and Mobile as the banking platform and provide more self-service terminals to ensure customers' need are well addressed at any time and any place.

However, there are limitations that can be automated because some transactions such as account opening, debit card application and loans application are still not possible as mandatory sighting of documents are still needed as part of the processing flow.

With our Virtual Teller Solution, we provide centralized tellers that can handled almost all transactions, at a smaller footprint, extended hours, and comprehensive services in a cost effective way.

Automated Cash Management System

Our Automated Cash Management Solution enables banks, merchants, cash-in-transit companies together creating an eco-system for retails' cash management.  The strategic alliance bring win-win proposition to all parties, it offers Bulk Cash Deposit, Floats, Payments and Petty Cash automation for Hotels, Retails and Wholesale.

Document Tracking System

Our Document Tracking Solution leverages RFID and QR technology to integrate the merits of mobility tracking and filing service, providing accuracy and efficiency on tracking of security documents, especially for Banks, Solicitors and Will Writing Companies.

Key Management System

Our Key Management Solution is a fully integrated system with a highly secure key cabinet that allows only the authorized personnel to access the key.  Among the key features are:

- Bio-metric control to ensure only authorized user can access the keys;

- RFID key tag for secure and ease to manage;

- Tracking of the movement of key in real-time, and audit logs recorded.

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