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Our Innovative Solutions

We provide branch transformation solutions for banks, cooperatives, hotels, retails and SMEs.  We are reseller of branded automation machines and we work closely with the manufacturers to deliver comprehensive yet user-friendly solution to meet your requirements.

Our Core Solutions

- FACES: Financial Application Customers Eco System

- Virtual Teller System for Banks and SMEs

- Teller Cash System for Banks

- Cash Recycling System for Hotels and Retails

- Cash Deposit System for Retails

- Cooperatives Management System for Coperatives

- Documents Tracking System for Banks and Solicitors

Our Services

- First-line Maintenance

- Second-line Maintenance

- Software Maintenance

- Software as a Service

Our Team

We are a Branch Transformation company managed by a group of professionals who share a common mission of "leveraging digital services, maximizing the value of technology for a user-friendly and eco-friendly environment" providing innovative solutions to our clients at the cost-effective ways.  We founded EPSYS Systems Sdn Bhd in July 2002, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, and established EPSYS Systems Pte Ltd in June 2015, located in Singapore.

Why Choose EPSYS?

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