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Cash Handling Solutions
Document Tracking Solutions


We help restaurants. retailers, hotels, clinics and SMEs in managing and streamlining the cash management, making transactions simple, efficient and secure.


We also provide document tracking solutions with RFID for financial institutions and solicitors.

Products For You

Our Servuces
Cash Dispenser

Our bulk Cash Dispenser helps you to automate your cash payment with self-service add/or cashier assisted modes

ATM Cash Recycler

Our ATM Cash Recycler is a cutting-edge system, which shift heavy counter transactions and frequent cash replenishment to self-service and self-replenishment zone.

Retail Cash Recycler

Our Retail Cash Recycler helps you manage cash payment and end-of-day balancing more efficiently and at lower cost..

Retail Cash Deposit Machine

Our bulk Cash Deposit Machines are high speed and large capacity cash deposit machines with state-of-the-art technologies.

Automated Teller Machine

Our compact Automated Teller Machine delivering unparalleled easy usage and maintenance.

Document Tracking System

Our document tracking system using RFID and QR technologies make handling document easier.

Case Studies

“The automated Point-of-sales payment solution has reduced my operation cost and yet provides an efficient cash and inventory management”

From the owner of

A hardware shop with multiple warehouses

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